Ultimate Guide to Zero-Waste Shopping

Take a look at the waste from your latest grocery shopping trip. Chances are that plastic food packaging takes up a large percentage of your waste. These plastics largely do not biodegrade, meaning they will end up in landfill sites or, even worse, the ocean where they will remain for around 500 years. That’s where …

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7 Things You Can Do to Save the Ocean

With increasing efforts to help save the ocean, it is becoming more and more vital to live sustainably, focusing on how our lives affect the environment.

Marine animals and the aquatic environment are being put at serious risk through overfishing and the millions of tonnes of waste that is dumped in the water every year. That’s …

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4 Environmentally Harmful Ingredients in Cosmetics to Avoid


Living more eco-friendly often means adapting parts of your life which you wouldn’t have originally thought needed changing. Whether it’s how you get to work or what you eat, there’s always something you can do to live more sustainably, and that extends to your beauty and bathroom routines. Cosmetics and other bathroom products, while often advertised …

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5 Hints You Might Be Living Unsustainably

Living sustainably has become a hot topic as more and more people become aware of environmental harm created by our everyday lives. Unfortunately, many people across the world are living unsustainably, which means consuming more than is sustainable in the world.

Are you living unsustainably? Have a look at our 5 hints from SeaTurtle that you …

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How to Live Plastic-Free

Is it possible to live plastic-free? In the fast-paced consumerist society we live in, you may not think it is possible. However, with the damage we cause to the environment becoming a bigger issue daily, many people are choosing to fully go against the grain and completely live plastic-free.

SeaTurtle is a company dedicated to helping …

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5 Amazing Blogs About Plastic-Free Living

Taking the plunge into plastic-free living can be particularly daunting, especially if you do not personally know anyone who has already done the seemingly unachievable. How do you shop for groceries? What do you do with the plastic products you already own? What’s the best method to finding plastic-free alternatives?

Luckily, those that have already leapt …

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How to Transform Your Bathroom into a Plastic-Free Space

Concerned about plastic and looking to move make your bathroom plastic-free? Without realising it, your home may be full of plastic, from disposable items to kitchen appliances – but one of the worst rooms for plastic waste is arguably the bathroom.

Whether it be your toothbrush or bottles of shampoo and conditioner, there are plenty …

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4 Eco-Friendly Gifts for Men

So you have a male friend or partner that is conscious about the environment, but finding eco-friendly gifts for men can be difficult. As a company focussed on producing eco-friendly products, we believe that developing products that are friendly to the planet takes priority over profit.

Our premier product, the SeaTurtle pack of four stainless steel …

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4 Companies Helping Clean Up Plastic in the Ocean

From plastic cups to microbeads, environmental scientists suggest that at least 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean, with more being added every year. Four billion microbeads are currently floating throughout the seas and oceans, with 269,000 tons of waste just floating on the surface.

Without action and change, many people have realised the issues …

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5 Unique Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

As more and more people become aware of the growing number of environmental issues, there is nothing better than giving a gift that helps preserve the earth. Whether you are looking at gifts for a friend or a loved-one, any eco-conscious person would be grateful to know you’ve put in the time to find an …

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