Product Quality

SeaTurtle Stainless Steel Cups for Kids


At SeaTurtle, we don’t just make stainless steel products. Our products are the foundation for a healthy social change. Our role is to make sure we create durable, versatile and affordable products that will last a lifetime.

All our products are made from 18/8 (made for food) stainless steel. This is our commitment to health and sustainability. This way you can enjoy your favorite drinks when you’re on the beach for example.

Our goal is to eliminate single use. So we want to design products guaranteed to hold any drink you want to use in it. If you simply don’t love our products or if they don’t perform as you wanted, and if you’re in the first year of usage, please send us a picture of you’re product and we can replace it or refund it right away.

We hope you can enjoy all our products until their expiration date. All our products are recyclable too.

For every product, we are building we want to avoid at maximum the plastic consumption. All our cups are packed in the paper, not in plastic.

Every shipment has a very detailed inspection process to make sure every product is exactly as we designed, for a lifelong usage.