Think Long Term

SeaTurtle - photo by Ian Kennedy

Sea Turtles are one of the oldest species on earth. With probably most than 100 mil years, now they are an endangered species, and the main reason for that is the plastic consumption.

Plastic consumption practically exploded 40 years ago when we started using it for one time use in products like water, coffee or food.

Without a long-term vision, we didn’t realize that using plastic excessively we are going to fill our oceans with it. And practically putting in danger most of the animals living in it.

At SeaTurtle we want to encourage people to think long-term again. We have the duty to preserve this planet for our kids and for their kid’s kids and so on.

There are many things we can do today, but one of the most important step we can take is to eliminate our behavior to use one-time plastic things and to make sure we can use our long term products in most of the cases.

We can go to picnic using our own stainless steel long term cups, or awe can go to the coffee shop using our own coffee mug.

Our role at SeaTurtle is to make sure you’ll have the best long-term products for you to use.