We Quit Plastic

Stop trashing my Ocean by Ingrid Taylar

Just try to collect all the plastic you and your family is using for a couple of days. Now multiply this by the number of families in your neighborhood, or your city, or your country, or our planet. See? This is is how much plastic trash we produce. And with all efforts to control the recycling process, still, most of it ends up in our oceans.

We want to help anyone quit plastic forever and here are some alternatives anyone can do.

  • Make a list of rubbish and think on what can be done differently
  • Search for other choices that are healthier for both you and the planet
  • Buy a long-term product to replace the one time use ones
  • Change the day-to-day product if it’s wrapped in plastic with another brand wrapped in paper

We think our success relies upon our ability to get creative and think long term. Of course, any new habit will take a while but the benefits of cutting out plastic are enormous.