We Sustain

We want to support other missions that are aligned with our vision and mission. We are here to work to bring benefit to the people and the planet we’re living every day.

We want to work with any group our person that are addressing plastic pollution trough researching, raising awareness or education. We want to partner with anyone actively advocating for safe consumer products. We want to work with people or organizations that are dedicating their time to protect and preserve the oceans we love.

With this, our role is to make sure we have access to clean water and we are going to stop forever the single use waste.

Our life depends on access to reliable and clean water. It is the essential ingredient to clean the body or fulfill the soul. That’s why we believe clean water is a fundament right for every living creature on the planet. So we want to work with anyone addressing this issue as well.

We are happy to announce that 1% of all our revenues will be redirected to support environmental organizations and most of our marketing budget will go to those investing more of their time on one of these causes.